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New England Boat Show

February 8 - February 16

Dear America’s Boating Club Members,
> The 2020 New England Boat Show is Saturday February 8 through Sunday February 16.  The sign-up sheet is now posted:
Please sign up now! sign up now!  If you are willing to staff the BSVT, please indicate with a * next to your name. Don’t forget to fill in your contact info on the second tab of the google doc.  We use the contact info to send out more details (how to get your badges, our new booth location, etc) before the show.
> The Boat Show is one of our most important outreach activities – increasing awareness of America’s Boating Club and our course offerings.  Thank you for your support!

Message from Barbara Herrmann

Thank you all for supporting the NE Boat Show. Here are some final details:

1.  Bring an ID.  You will need it when you check in to get your access badge.

2.  We are registered under America’s Boating Club – for when you check in for your access badge.  You are all pre registered. Here are your registration numbers

James Andersen – Registration# 322780
Alex Bizunok – Registration# 322781
Valentina Bizunok – Registration# 322782
Jeremy Douglass – Registration# 322786
Jane Durna – Registration# 322787
Bob Gaffney – Registration# 322789
Bill Harding – Registration# 322793
Don Jackson – Registration# 322797
Christine Jackson – Registration# 322798
Joseph Kelliher – Registration# 322799
Steve Mullen – Registration# 322803
Naomi Nelson – Registration# 322804
Weldon Nelson – Registration# 322805
Bette O’Conner – Registration# 322807
Mike Pansovoy – Registration# 322809
Alex Pszenny – Registration# 322810
Jack Reed – Registration# 322811
Walter Riley – Registration# 322812
John Rossi – Registration# 322814
Don Schomer – Registration# 322815
George Stairs – Registration# 322817
Emily Szczypek – Registration# 322818
Joan Thayer – Registration# 322819
Tom Toomey – Registration# 322820
Marc Wall – Registration# 322821

If your  name was missed, please let Barbara Herrmann know.  Save your pass if you are volunteering more than once. You should re-use it!

3.  We are Booth 205 – right next to the pool with bumper boats (Kid’s Cove) and Flo International (they have a sign hanging from the ceiling).

4.  The first shift will need to start up the BSVT.  Get the power cord from the top shipping case. Instructions are in the notebook on the BSVT table.
Please ask for lock combo if you didn’t receive it.
Also, the lights for the display next to the BSVT need to be plugged in.

5. Last shift needs to shutdown the BSVT (there are instructions in the notebook on the BSVT table). And unplug the lights on the display.

6. We are participating in the Passport to Safety Program.  Kids bring their passport. You ask them a question e.g. do you need to wear a life jacket?  Then you stamp their Passport. A stamp is at the podium.

7.  This year we have some lines and cleats to practice knots.

8.  There are lots of extra brochures under the tables.

Have a good show!


February 8
February 16
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Richard Bender


Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
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